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Car Repairs in Thornton Heath | Your Questions Answered

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The friendly team at Pond Garage in Thornton Heath extends a warm invitation to local motorists looking for a local service provider with the personal touch. Whether undertaking car repairs, car servicing MOT testing or brake repairs, the customer comes first. This has been the case since we first opened our doors for business way back in 1957.


Our traditional service values continue to the present day and one of the ways in which we frequently help customers is to provide them with the best possible advice and information. Here, we answer some of our most commonly-asked questions on full and interim car servicing, mechanical car repairs and Class IV MOT testing.


What makes you different to other workshops?


We’ve traded independently for 60 years so we know a thing or two about the automotive sector. We also know what it means for motorists in Thornton Heath to receive great customer service. The quality of our car repairs and brake repairs is obviously important, but everything we do at Pond Garage starts with creating the perfect first impression.


Isn’t your garage a little old-fashioned?


In terms of how we deal with customers, we certainly are. Too few companies take traditional service values as seriously as us. That said, very few make the same level of investment as we do into the latest automotive technology.

At Pond Garage, we believe we have the blend of tradition and technology absolutely right.


Can you perform car repairs on any model?


Yes. It isn’t unusual for our customers to see the latest 4X4 model sitting alongside a classic gem from the golden years of motoring. Our technicians can undertake car and brake repairs on just about any manufacturer marque.


This means that if you have several cars in your family, it is possible to have car servicing and repairs completed on all vehicles at just one local, convenient and customer-friendly workshop.


Do you use patterned parts for car repairs?


No. We would never compromise the quality of our repairs or our relationships with customers in Thornton Heath by fitting inferior parts. All components used for car repairs at Pond Garage are OEM compliant and sourced from trusted suppliers in our own area.


We can even fit original parts if that is what the customer wants us to do.


Are you approved for MOT testing?


Yes. We have former approval from VOSA and current approval from the DVSA. This makes us an informed choice for customers who are looking for MOT testing services in the Thornton Heath area. Our garage has dedicated inspection bays and we are able to provide MOTs for all vehicles in the current Class IV Category.


What happens if I fail the MOT test?


Don’t worry! We’re used to helping customers who come to us for MOT testing only to find work needs doing before a certificate can be issued. Our skilled technicians can perform car repairs, including brake repairs, at short notice for anybody in Thornton Heath or the surrounding areas. This ensures your car is primed to pass when it is presented for MOT testing again.


Please note that we provide free MOT retesting subject to eligibility.


Can you help if I need my car servicing?


Absolutely. Car servicing can be undertaken to the same standards seen at dealership outlets. At Pond Garage, we work to the exact same schedules as dealerships so you’ll never need to worry about any compromise in quality. The only real difference our customers see is in the final bill we present to them!


How often should I book in for a car service?


If you drive less than 6,000 miles annually, you’ll only need to book in for car servicing at our Thornton Heath workshop once a year. Drive more than 12,000 and you will need to book in for a six-month interim service too.


Drive between 6,000 and 12,000 miles and you should book services based on recommendations from your vehicle manufacturer.

Call our garage on 020 8684 1404 and book in for prompt car servicing, car repairs or Class IV MOT testing today.