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Car Servicing in Thornton Heath and the Surrounding Areas

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Regular vehicle maintenance is essential for preserving important engine parts, enhancing fuel economy and increasing overall performance. Our garage in Thornton Heath performs full and interim car servicing for motorists in the surrounding Surrey areas at prices which consistently beat main dealership rates.


Motorists with low to moderate annual mileage will only need to book in for full car servicing once a year. Those with higher-than-average mileage will need to book in for interim car servicing between each full service. Pond Garage can provide annual maintenance on all manufacturer marques, both modern and classic.


Full (Scheduled) Car Servicing


All vehicles should be taken to a garage once a year or at the specified manufacturer interval for car servicing. We advise our Thornton Heath and Surrey customers to regard a full (or scheduled) car service as a health check for their vehicles.


At Pond Garage, we complete all car servicing work using the working practices and schedules associated with main dealerships. The only difference you’ll ever notice is in the price.


Full car servicing includes a complete check of fluids, the replacement of the oil and filters, new spark plugs and a series of visual and physical checks on mechanical components. Our garage in Thornton Heath can perform your next service without invalidating your vehicle warranties. We’ll even stamp your service book to help you maintain a service history.


To see what our previous customers have to say about the precision and quality of our services, please read some of their testimonials.


Interim Car Servicing


Motorists from Thornton Heath with high annual mileage will need to book in for interim car servicing at Pond Garage every six months, or when their service schedule dictates. The interim car service is still a thorough inspection but with less focus on some of the mechanical components checked during a full 12-month service.


Interim car servicing should be considered every 6,000 miles. In doing so, your vehicle will always be primed for continuous road use. Statistics show that motorists who have their cars serviced at recommended intervals are not only less likely to suffer breakdowns, but also save money over the lifetime of a vehicle by paying less for repair work.


Five Good Reasons to Book in for Car Servicing at Pond Garage


  1. Car servicing preserves a service history and adds to future resale value.
  2. Regular maintenance saves on fuel for Thornton Heath motorists.
  3. Your vehicle will be safer to drive if you have it serviced at specified intervals.
  4. Breakdowns are less likely because components stay in good condition.
  5. Periodic upkeep lowers overall repair costs.

To book in for car servicing at Pond Garage, motorists in Thornton Heath and the surrounding areas should call us on 020 8684 1404.