Pond Garage Ltd

Car Repairs in Croydon and Thornton Heath

Extensive Repair Services and Quality Replacement Parts

Even with regular maintenance, vehicle components wear down and things go wrong. When this happens, Pond Garage Ltd are ready and waiting to welcome car owners from the Thornton Heath and Croydon areas. We undertake a full range of car repairs on all makes and models, covering everything from air con to engine repairs. As an established local company with a strong team ethic, we provide completely honest and professional services to give you reliable solutions at the best price.

We insist on using high-quality replacement parts that are fully compliant with UK regulations and all parts come with manufacturer warranties. Having been providing repair services in the local area since 1957, Pond Garage is a trusted choice for all kinds of car repairs, and this is reflected in the testimonials we receive from our customers.

Brake Repairs – Worn or damaged brakes or braking components put you, your passengers and other road users at considerable risk. At Pond Garage Ltd, we replace brake pads, discs, shoes, drums, calipers and brake pipes as well as resolving any issues with hydraulic or ABS systems.

Clutch Repairs – If you notice problems when changing gear, such as shuddering or poor plate engagement, you may need clutch repair or replacement services. Ignoring clutch issues can compromise the entire gearbox, so it is important to visit our garage in Thornton Heath as soon as possible. We serve customers from all the surrounding areas, including Croydon.

Auto Electrics – Modern vehicles have many electrical components and have engine control units (ECUs) which store fault codes. In the case of electrical problems or lit up dashboard warning lights, we carry out vehicle diagnostics to identify the issue by plugging specialist equipment into the ECU. We can then recommend the most suitable car repairs.

Engine Repairs – From starter motors and water pumps to exhausts and valves, we carry out all aspects of engine repairs and replacements to ensure the safety, performance and economy of your engine.

Vehicle Welding – Depending on the severity and location of rust or corrosion, even a small patch can be a serious issue and can result in MOT failure. However, our vehicle welding services are a reliable way to resolve problems with rust or corrosion.

Air Conditioning – During the summer, the last thing you want is to be stuck driving around in a boiling hot car with no air conditioning. So, before the hot weather hits, make sure your air con system is fully functional with our regas, fault finding and repair services.

All Mechanical Issues – There are a broad range of mechanical issues motorists in Thornton Heath and Croydon may face, but the team at Pond Garage is here to resolve any and all problems. With over 50 years’ combined experience, we undertake diagnosis, repair and replacement services for all kinds of mechanical issues, from faulty headlights and wiper blades to malfunctioning steering systems.

Please call us on 02086 841404 for high-quality car repairs in Thornton Heath for all vehicle owners in Croydon and the surrounding areas.