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Professional Car Repairs in Thornton Heath and Surrey

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Regular maintenance on your vehicle will reduce the need for car repairs but continuous use will ultimately wear down important parts and components. When this happens, Pond Garage will be ready and waiting to welcome customers from the Thornton Heath and Surrey areas. Like any reputable garage, we undertake car repairs on all makes and models.


We consider ourselves to be the leading local choice for car repairs and this is reflected in the excellent testimonials we receive from new and existing customers.


Importantly, Pond Garage insists on the use of high quality replacement parts with full OEM compliancy. We’d never compromise our reputation by fitting low-end patterned products. All car repairs undertaken at our garage have a full parts and labour guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles.


Mechanical Issues – In many cases, the owner of a vehicle won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. Because Pond Garage employs highly skilled technicians, you’ll never have to worry about expensive labour costs caused by painstaking troubleshooting. With a high level of knowledge and experience, our team can easily diagnose most car repairs.


Add in that our garage in Thornton Heath invests heavily into advanced engine management equipment and it’s easy to see why so many local motorists come to us first whenever they’re in need of car repairs or engine diagnostic services.


Electrical Problems – Modern vehicles are fitted with engine control units which store fault codes retrieved from the electrical and mechanical sub-system. Auto electrical car repairs also fall into the field of engine diagnostics and, by plugging into the engine control unit, we can isolate electrical faults before recommending any car repairs your vehicle might need.


We think you’ll find it hard to find another garage in Thornton Heath or Croydon which so frequently invests in the latest engine management and diagnostic equipment.


Engine Repairs – Regular use of your vehicle will eventually wear down some components and these will usually need to be replaced. Starter motors, water pumps, exhausts and valves are just a few of the components that might become the subject of car repairs. We have trusted suppliers in the Surrey area who stock the parts you need.


Whenever you use our garage in Thornton Heath for engine repairs, we’ll ensure the fast delivery of parts from these suppliers to provide a faster turnaround for your vehicle.


Clutch Repairs – The transmission system is integral to any vehicle and if a clutch suffers premature wear, the condition of the entire gearbox can be compromised. Pond Garage includes clutch repair and replacement services within our range of car repairs and early identification of a problem can save on costs for Thornton Heath motorists.


If you’ve experienced problems when changing gear, such as shuddering or poor plate engagement, contact us now and we’ll book you in for a prompt clutch replacement.


Brake Repairs – Understandably, the braking system in one of the most integral on any vehicle. Worn brakes and braking components could put you and your passengers at risk. Our garage in Thornton Heath can replace pads, discs, shoes, drums, callipers and even brake pipes.


Car repairs of this kind need to be addressed as soon as problems become noticeable. Call Pond Garage and we’ll book you in for a full brake inspection at the earliest opportunity.

To book your vehicle in for car repairs at our workshop in Thornton Heath, pick up the phone and call Pond Garage on 020 8684 1404 now.