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MOT Testing and Car Servicing in Croydon

What’s the Difference Between an MOT and a Service?

People often get confused between car servicing and MOT testing. If you’re unsure what the difference is or which one you need, this page will help you understand how they differ and which one you should book with our local MOT garage. MOTs and servicing are both important aspects of vehicle maintenance and can highlight any problems and necessary car repairs. Consequently, you should arrange periodic servicing as well as an annual MOT, but this doesn’t need to be a hassle. At Pond Garage Ltd, we provide complete, stress-free services for vehicle owners in Croydon and Thornton Heath, including fast turnaround MOTs, while you wait services and vehicle diagnostics as well as a convenient collection and delivery service.

If you’re unsure about what MOT testing or vehicle servicing involves, read on for the main aspects and differences:


An MOT is a mandatory and legal requirement for all vehicles over 3 years old that are not exempt. This test ensures your car is roadworthy and meets a list of minimum criteria set by the DVSA. Driving without a valid MOT is against the law, so you must book an MOT every 12-13 months, when the certificate runs out.

Your car may fail the MOT, in which case our MOT garage carries out work to bring it up to standard. This may include vehicle diagnostics, car repairs and/or replacements, however the MOT test itself does not include these services and customers in Croydon will need an MOT retest following any work.

Car Servicing

Although MOT testing ensures your car is safe, it doesn’t mean it is performing as well as it can, and this is where car servicing comes in. Full and interim services are optional inspections based on guidelines set by the manufacturer rather than the DVSA.

A service is more thorough than an MOT and gives you a more in-depth mechanical assessment to maintain the condition and performance of your vehicle in Croydon. Regular servicing also keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently while prolonging its lifespan.

In addition, a service from the team at Pond Garage also includes some car repairs and replacements, such as oil, filters and spark plugs. We can also carry out vehicle diagnostics and resolution work.

Why Have Both?

Although car servicing is your choice, there are many reasons why we, as an established MOT garage, believe all drivers in the Croydon area should arrange a periodic service as well as MOT testing. These reasons include:

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