Pond Garage Ltd

Vehicle Diagnostics

in Thornton Heath, Croydon and the Surrounding Areas

If you have warning lights on your dashboard or a fault you can’t identify, arrange diagnostic testing with Pond Garage Ltd. Based in Thornton Heath, we carry out professional vehicle diagnostics for customers in Croydon and all the nearby areas. Equipped with up to date diagnostic tools, we identify any issues with your vehicle quickly and accurately, allowing us to advise on the most suitable repairs or other services. With over 50 years’ experience in the motor industry and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our team ensures a reliable and expert service that saves you time and money.

By booking in for a diagnostic check with Pond Garage Ltd, you are maintaining the safety, condition and performance of your vehicle, giving you total peace of mind.

What is a Diagnostic Check?

When warning lights illuminate on your dashboard or a fault code appears, vehicle diagnostics identify the problem, helping us resolve issues and prevent more serious damage.

Most modern vehicles have an engine control unit (ECU) which continually monitors vehicle performance and generates an error code if it identifies an issue. There are hundreds of potential codes and specialist diagnostic equipment enables our team to understand the full extent and cause of the problem.

This process is much quicker than manually checking for faults and allows us to begin carrying out repairs sooner, saving our customers in the Thornton Heath and Croydon areas time and money.

Vehicle Diagnostics & Repairs

At Pond Garage, we carry out diagnostics for all car makes and models. Checking across a wide range of vehicle systems, such as emissions, engine management and tyres, our equipment ensures accurate fault identification for all cars. Once we have diagnosed the issue, our skilled team carries out any necessary work, including adjustments, car repairs and replacing parts.

After fixing the problem, we reset the ECU to clear any error codes and you can drive away confident in the condition and safety of your vehicle.

Benefits of Diagnostics

The benefits of vehicle diagnostics are clear to customers in Thornton Heath and Croydon who have already made use of our services. If you are yet to visit Pond Garage Ltd for diagnostics, you can look forward to the following:

  • Avoiding expensive repairs by addressing small issues early on
  • Increased safety by preventing small problems becoming dangerous or even life threatening
  • Peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in full working order and safe to use on the road
  • Quick diagnoses and complete resolution services from trained and experienced professionals

For vehicle diagnostics in Thornton Heath, Croydon and the surrounding areas, call Pond Garage Ltd on 02086 841404.