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Prepare for Winter with Car Servicing in New Addington


As winter draws ever nearer, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is in good condition for the colder days and nights ahead. Due to falling temperatures in New Addington and across the UK, your car is almost twice as likely to breakdown in the winter months than at any other time of the year. The best way to avoid the need for a sudden trip to the garage for car repairs, brake repairs, battery problems and other issues, is to make sure your vehicle has had up-to-date MOT testing and car servicing.


Preventative Methods


Below we’ve listed some of the most useful ways to prevent running into car problems during the winter in New Addington and the wider UK. Common problems include the fluid in your radiator freezing, battery failure and fluctuating tyre pressure, but by going through the following checklist your vehicle will fare much better.


Car Servicing


If your car is due for a service, make sure to arrange this at a garage before the cold winter months take hold. Regular car servicing and maintenance can avoid around 50%-100% of issues caused by the cold weather. As a general guide, it is recommended to get your car serviced every 12,000 miles or every 12 months. General checks, such as a winter check and interim servicing, will make sure your vehicle is kept in optimum condition.


MOT Testing


MOT running out soon? Booking an MOT test in before winter is also useful to make sure it is in a good enough condition to pass. During MOT testing, checks are made on the battery, a key part of the car that often has issues in the cold. Low temperatures can reduce the performance of vehicle batteries and at Pond Garage, one of the most common issues we find when New Addington customers come in for car repairs during winter is battery failure.


Brake Checks


Along with the battery, tyres and brakes are other vital parts to check before and during winter. Icy and wet road conditions make it even more important than usual to ensure brakes are working well. Faulty brakes can cause flat spots around the tread of the tyre, reducing grip and making them more likely to slip in the cold weather. Tyre pressure and tread should be checked regularly in winter. If brake repairs or tyre replacements are needed, we can source high-quality parts and fit them quickly.


Contact us if you have any questions about preparing your car for winter, or would like to book an appointment for MOT testing, car repairs, car servicing or brake repairs. At Pond Garage, we’ve been helping motorists in New Addington and the wider London Borough of Croydon areas for over 60 years. Our team works on modern or classic cars of any make or model.


Call our friendly team at Pond Garage on 020 8684 1404 for car repairs, car servicing, brake repairs or MOT testing. We offer a free collection and delivery service in New Addington.